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Riverfront Playhouse of Aurora is holding auditions for “Fasting Cougars” by Craig Gustafson on June 30 and July 1. In order to best utilize the time of actors auditioning for “Fasting Cougars,” auditions are by appointment only at Riverfront Playhouse, located at 11 S. Water Street Mall, Aurora, IL 60505. E-mail
Performances will run Fridays & Saturdays for six weekends, July 26 – August 31.
“Fasting Cougars” is an evening of short comedies, written and directed by Craig Gustafson. Most of the plays have been performed in festivals around the U.S., and one of them (“Lending a Hand”) has been published in “The Best 10 Minute Plays of 2019.” If you love comedy for adults, this show is for you – the content rating ranges from PG to R; so you can audition for only those plays falling within your comfort zone; or you can stretch your comfort zone.
The cast size is flexible – minimum of four women and four men. You can be in one or two or five. If you’re game for anything, great. If you only want a short time commitment, also great. Age range: also flexible, depending on which plays are selected. Here’s what that means – out of eight plays to be presented, four have been definitely chosen:
“Lending a Hand” – a dark comedy about an Irish woman whose cat has developed an unusual craving. Plays as if Night Gallery had gone in for comedy. Rated PG-13. 1 woman, 1 man.
“A Cheap Maid in Chasteside” – a comedy for anyone who wondered if Blackadder could be played by a woman. A 17th century British woman is fed up with Living for Love. Show her the cash. Rated R. 3 women, 4 men.
“Wolverton Inn” – a ghost story. A crusty old Chicago north side tavern owner is interviewed by a podcaster about his haunted tavern. Rated PG-13 – language. 1 woman, 2 men.
“Soul Custody” – a dark comedy. The devil in charge of lust, Asmodeus, is seeking to buy souls during a sales competition with Heaven. The offering price? A used sock monkey. Rated R. 1 woman, 1 man, 1 voiceover.
The other four plays will be chosen from the following, depending on who is cast:
“Whooping Mice” – adult comedy. A loudmouth takes his meek, married buddy to a brothel. Rated R. 3 women, 2 men.
“The Mad Queen of Ballykeg” – a very dark comedy. A daffy 16th century Irish queen is targeted for assassination by her adult children. She has literally been tossing the family fortune out the window. Rated PG-13. 2 women, 1 man.
“Curse of the Hoo-Ha” – adult, dark comedy. A Victorian noblewoman has been placed under a curious curse by a gypsy. Rated R - not even a question on this one. 3 women, 1 man.
“Dracula’s Significant Others” – a Hallowe’eny comedy. Countess Dracula (the former Mina Harker) has invited her ex-husband Jonathan and his new wife for the weekend at Castle Dracula. Rated PG. 4 women, 2 men, 1 voiceover.
“Torquay Holiday” – a comedy of Oscar Wildean dialogue; with a dash of Carol Burnett thrown in. A Victorian couple goes to a Wild Party at a nude beach. Rated PG (there’s no onstage nudity.) 2 women, 1 man.
“No Relation(s)” – a coming-of-age comedy – in all senses of the word. A teenage girl is saved from having underage sex by her wacky mom and mom’s imaginary friend, Jesus Christ (no relation.) Rated R – language. 2 men, 2 women.
“Brick Taciturn and the Venusian Vixen” – a whimsical comedy. On the set of a local Chicago children’s sci-fi TV show, a sexy girl has been added to the cast to spice up ratings. The miscast Monty Woolley-ish leading man fears for his job. Rated PG. 4 (or more) women, 3 (or more) men.
“The Other Side” – a mega-dark yet ultimately romantic comedy. At a costume party, suburban friends come together for a séance, communicating with the husband of one of the women. Rated PG. 5 women, 4 men.
WAIT! There’s MORE!
If we don’t have the right mix of actors to do all of the above, Gustafson will write one-to-three new plays, tailoring them for the actors that have the best chemistry together.
If you want to have a blast this summer, devoting as much or as little time to theater as you can give, grab an appointment now: e-mail State your name and which day you would like to audition, June 30 or July 1. Attaching a headshot and resume is acceptable but not required. Details on what you need to read will be given to you when your appointment is scheduled.
1 Actors will be scheduled for June 30 or July 1.
2 Actors will be assigned a call time.
3 Actors will be assigned to a group and will spend 30 minutes reading. You’ll be out in well under an hour.
4 Walk-ins will be seen only if there are any cancellations or open slots, so making an appointment is strongly encouraged.
5 Those cast will be called by noon on Wednesday, July 3. Actors who are not cast or called back will be contacted by e-mail.
Director: Craig Gustafson
Producer: Gary Puckett
Costumer: Ben Vargas

Persons interested in assisting with the technical aspects of the production are also encouraged to attend.

The Riverfront Playhouse is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit. All monies recieved through ticket sales and donations are used to continue producting shows.
We are 100% Volunteer run.
We thank you for your patronage.

(630) 897-9496
13 South Water Street, Aurora, Illinois, 60505
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