The Riverfront Playhouse

Coming Soon

by Douglas Gower

November 15 - 30
Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm

George (Terrance Wehrman of Crest Hill) has been living with a woman who has two small children. She is separated from her husband, Carl (Michael Bradt of Naperville), who lives in another state and has come to visit the children during Christmas.

Their encounter starts out awkward and stilted, but eventually – with a little help from some “Christmas Cheer” – becomes increasingly honest and painful. Over the course of the show, these two go from resenting and distrusting each other to finding unexpected sources of common ground. They discover, in fact, that being a “daddy” –whether a stepfather or a biological father – turns out to be a much harder job than it looks.

(630) 897-9496
13 South Water Street, Aurora, Illinois, 60505
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