The Riverfront Playhouse

These Shining Lives
by Melanie Marnich 

Sunday, January 20 @ 7:00 pm
Tuesday, January 22 @ 7:00 pm 

The Riverfront Playhouse will hold open auditions for These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich on Sunday and Tuesday January 20 & 22 at 7:00 pm at the Riverfront Playhouse, 11-13 S Water Street Mall, Aurora, IL 60505

About the show:
THESE SHINING LIVES chronicles the strength and determination of women considered expendable in their day, exploring their true story and its continued resonance. Catherine and her friends are dying, it's true; but theirs is a story of survival in its most transcendent sense, as they refuse to allow the company that stole their health to kill their spirits—or endanger the lives of those who come after them.

Director Kasandra Hesek is looking to cast a total of 4 women and 2 men for the show:

The Characters:
Catherine Wolfe Donohue -20’s-30’s
A proud working woman. She is vibrant and competitive. Although she insists that her job is a temporary one, she enjoys working outside of the home and she is unapologetic about it.

Charlotte Purcell -20’s-30’s
A tough taskmaster and a determined woman. She works hard at her job, doesn’t make friends easily and she doesn’t let go of the friends she has made or let them give up.

Frances O’Connoll -20’s-30’s
The “moral backbone” of the group. Has a keen eye for scandal. She loves the time and attention she gets from her work companions.

Pearl Payne -20’s-30’s
Jovial and friendly. Also a shameless gossip who sees her work as an opportunity to know everything about everyone.

Tom Donohue - 20’s-30’s
Catherine’s husband. He is head-over-heels for his wife and family even though he is somewhat troubled by having a working wife.

Mr. Reed - any age
Factory boss and company man. It is clear that he has information about the effects of radium poisoning but he abides by company policy and does not inform his workers.

**Most of these characters play multiple roles throughout the show and actors must be able to jump from one character to the next.** 

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, March 15th - April 20th.

Head shots and resumes are not required, but preferred. Sides are available before auditions. Please contact for more information. Auditions are open to anyone interested, there are no appointments necessary.

These Shining Lives is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.


Persons interested in assisting with the technical aspects of the production are also encouraged to attend.

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We are 100% Volunteer run.
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